Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Just Finished A Fun Project!

I reconnected recently with a really nice guy I spoke to several years ago about the tribute industry.  If you're not already aware, I've been working the past 10 years as a Cher tribute artist, and one day I got an email from a man named, Danny Bingham, who resembles Randy Owen from the band, Alabama.  I gave him my words of advice about breaking into the industry, etc..

Recently, we reconnected on Facebook, and we talked about songwriting.  He recently got one of his original songs picked up by National Geographic for one of their TV shows, which is fantastic! I told him about my songwriting, and he sent me a recording of a country song he wrote back in the 80s, that he was thinking of bringing me in on as a duet.  The song is called, "Who's Holding You Tonight", and it is a really beautiful song!  I did some musical arrangement on it, and we plan to record it soon!  Thanks Danny!  It was a really, really fun project to orchestrate the song from guitar only to throwing in fiddle, resonator guitar and pedal steel guitar in places here and there.  Here's a link to his blog where you can listen to his songs and buy his CDs!

Danny Bingham Music Blog



  1. Hi Lisa ... I saw Danny's post announcing the project you and he are about to undertake. I'm a life-long friend of Danny and I'm also a songwriter. He and I have collaborated on a few tunes together. I enjoy working with Danny, he's a great guy.

    Good luck on the project and I hope it works out well! If you get a chance, drop by my page and check out some of my tunes. They are all "working demo's", so you won't hear any finished products, but you'll get an idea of what my genre' is too.


    Later, Lisa an God bless!

    Stephan Marc Dubois...

  2. Stephan, I really enjoyed listening to your songs! Your lyrics are so descriptive. You're a very talented story teller, and I like that style of country music a lot. It's been a pleasure collaborating on the arrangement of Danny's song. I think we were thinking on the same page a lot.