Sunday, June 9, 2013

My Friend, Paul Muffoletto's Christian CD is Released!

It's Sunday, and can't think of a better day to share a CD that my friend, Paul Muffoletto released on CD Baby and iTunes recently!  Paul has been writing and recording Christian music since the 1970s.  One day when I was at his studio recording one of my songs, he showed me an old cassette tape he had of one of his Christian albums, and when reading the liner notes, a then yet undiscovered Sammy Kershaw provided the backup vocals to it.  Interesting how lives intertwine.

Paul is a really nice man, and has been a good friend to me over the years.  He is also a good Frank Sinatra impersonator and I had the pleasure of working with him several times in a Cher/Sinatra tribute show for some corporate events and fundraisers over the years.

He has a Christmas album on CD Baby now, so if you search on CD Baby, you can find it there, and you can also find his new album, "He is Alive and I'm Forgiven" there as well.  Most people I find tend to download their music on iTunes, so here is the iTunes link to his album, "He is Alive and I'm Forgiven".  Listen to samples and if you like them, please download his album!

Here's the link to his album!

Have a blessed Sunday!


Thursday, June 6, 2013

My New Original Song, "Buzzards" is Released!

So excited that my new original song has been released on CD Baby!  It should be available on iTunes, Amazon, Sound Cloud, various internet radio stations and other download sites very soon.  Here is a link to my CD Baby page, where you can listen to a sample of my new song, "Buzzards", and if you haven't heard my first song, "When You Walk Away", you can hear it there too!  Hope you like them and add them to your iPod!

I had fun writing "Buzzards".  I know it's not an attractive name, but when something gets stuck in my head, it's hard to shake it loose.  I composed and arranged the music first, and listened to it a lot in my iPod while working out and doing chores around the house.  The image of buzzards circling around kept popping into my head, and the sadness of a love relationship dying seemed to fit the theme, so I ran with that.  I'm a big fan of the Eagles, and the guitar arrangement is a little bit reminiscent of "Hotel California"... my humble tribute to them.  

Here's the link to listen to samples and download my music:

Lisa Irion on CD Baby

Wishing all of you a fabulous weekend!


Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Getting Ready for Tomorrow's Studio Session

A couple of weeks ago, I had been working on recording a song my friend, Paul Muffoletto wrote called, "May I Dance?" at his studio, PM Music in Lafayette, LA.  The tweeter on one of his studio speakers went out and was on backorder, so we had to delay finishing that project a little bit.  The good news is the tweeter came in, his speaker is up and running again, and we can resume work on that song tomorrow.  Paul is producing that song, and will be releasing it through CD Baby in the near future.  He is a very good song writer!  In the 1990s, he wrote the hook to Sammy Kershaw's hit, "Racing With My Heart", and I'm honored that he asked me to record, "May I Dance?" for his demo.  He has a Christian album of his own songs/recordings coming out in June.  He also does a very good Frank Sinatra tribute, and we did a Cher/Sinatra tribute show together a few times.  I enjoy working with him.

Also, I will begin laying down the vocal to my original song, "Buzzards" tomorrow.  This is a haunting song about the death of a love relationship.  I suppose now I'm reaping the upside of having had some really bad heartbreaks in my younger life!  The guitar arrangement and guitar solo in the song is sexy and very beautiful.  It got a little bit of "Hotel California" feel to it.  Connie G. and Creole Soul is interested in covering one of my songs, and this one I think would be a great fit for her soulful voice.  She has a wide audience, so I'm hopeful this song or whichever other song she chooses will become familiar to people in Louisiana in time.  I hope to have it ready to publish with BMI and release my version of it in the next week or two.  Connie would knock it out of the park.

Also in the queue for recording is another song I wrote called, "No Place I'd Rather Be".  I've been on a ballad kick lately, and this one is very romantic.  I was inspired by the memories of when I met my husband on this one.  If you like Eric Clapton's "Wonderful Tonight", you would like this song.  It's got a similar tempo and vibe, but sounds completely different.  It's got some really nice, tender pedal steel guitar effects in it.

Will let ya'll know when things are released!  Have a fantastic day!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Just Finished A Fun Project!

I reconnected recently with a really nice guy I spoke to several years ago about the tribute industry.  If you're not already aware, I've been working the past 10 years as a Cher tribute artist, and one day I got an email from a man named, Danny Bingham, who resembles Randy Owen from the band, Alabama.  I gave him my words of advice about breaking into the industry, etc..

Recently, we reconnected on Facebook, and we talked about songwriting.  He recently got one of his original songs picked up by National Geographic for one of their TV shows, which is fantastic! I told him about my songwriting, and he sent me a recording of a country song he wrote back in the 80s, that he was thinking of bringing me in on as a duet.  The song is called, "Who's Holding You Tonight", and it is a really beautiful song!  I did some musical arrangement on it, and we plan to record it soon!  Thanks Danny!  It was a really, really fun project to orchestrate the song from guitar only to throwing in fiddle, resonator guitar and pedal steel guitar in places here and there.  Here's a link to his blog where you can listen to his songs and buy his CDs!

Danny Bingham Music Blog


Just Created My New Blog! Welcome!

Hello!  Just created this blog for friends and for anyone interested in my new musical endeavors with singing my own songs.  Looking forward to making new friends here and talking about songwriting and all things music!